A Closet for Conquering

She-Shed. Craft Closet. Girl-Boss HQ.

Hear me when I say, you only need a little corner of the world to make a big impact. My craft closet is literally not even 20 sq. feet, but boy do I accomplish a lot in this tiny closet.

I took full advantage of the walk-in closet in our Guest Room.

This space is home to my Gift Station which is my secret weapon to make people believe I have my stuff “together” at a moment’s notice…

  • I buy gift wrap for every occasion when it’s on sale, so it’s always handy and I’m not running to Target on the way to a Birthday Party.
  • I do the same for fun ribbon, tissue, gift bags & boxes. It’s much more convenient and CHEAP! The day after Christmas shopping is also a MUST.
  • I shop for small gifts in the Target Dollar Section or when there’s a BOGO sale somewhere. I have gifts for moms, dads, co-workers, kiddo’s, the list goes on. I love being able to celebrate people at any moment without breaking the bank.

I also keep Party Supplies handy in my Craft Closet

  • Packs of Balloons
  • Neutral Party Decor like gold & silver tassel banners
  • Party Plates, Napkins & Cups – always solid colors or simple patterns to keep them versatile

More Fun Necessities:

  • Stationary for every occasion
  • Bulletin Board for keepsakes, old party invitations and inspiration
  • My Cameo Silhouette Machine for extreme craft projects

I’d like to say this space always looks as neat and tidy as it is in this photo, but that ain’t the truth!

The BEST part about transforming a closet into a crafting/office space is that you can always close the door and hide the mess!



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