Bedroom Christmas Tour

If you haven’t considered putting a Christmas tree in your bedroom, I highly recommend it. The twinkle lights create such a warm, cozy ambiance.

This tree is a new “theme” I created this year and I love the way the woodsy feel turned out! Plus, the darker tones are great contrast to our all white master bedroom.


Since this was a completely new tree, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on so many new ornaments. I used tons of ribbon to fill the tree and even used odds and ends from our house and tied them into the tree using floral wire. Notice the white wooden “S” … I pulled it straight off a bookshelf!

I talk a lot about the tops of my trees, because that’s my favorite part to decorate! I picked up this white fur owl from the decor section at “At Home” and tied him to the top using floral wire. Adding height is also extremely important when giving your tree that boutique look, so I incorporated these pinecone stems and white frosted branches for texture AND height!

You can SHOP this tree look below…

Pinecone Ornament | Owl Ornaments | Faux Fur Ornament Balls | Pinecone Greenery | Fur Owl Ornaments | Mercury Glass Feather Ornament | Green Ornament Balls | Feather Owl Topper | Fur Owl Ornament | Pinecone Picks | White Pom Pom Branch 




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