A Peek inside my Pantry


Here’s the thing… I love pretty things, but I love neat and tidy things even more. So, now that my home is OUR home that I share with my new hubby, I’ve discovered that I need to make where things go VERY clear. He’s pretty good at following directions as long as there is a label on it.

And one quick myth-buster: you don’t have to have a ton of space to make things organized and efficient. Work with what you’ve got girl!

I’m sharing a few of my favorite tips & tricks on keeping your pantry spic-and-span:

IMG_1818    IMG_1820

  • Bins are everything. And by that, I mean you need a bin for EVERYTHING.
  • Original containers are a no-go. I transfer as many of my groceries as I can into air-tight containers (linked below). It makes everything visible and keeps the shelves looking crisp
  • Label everything. It can feel silly at first, but if you label your house for a stranger, your husband should have no problem putting things where they belong.
  • I keep canned goods concise with a canned good caddy (linked below).
  • A lazy suzan is a life-saver for all of your condiments, vitamins, smaller snack boxes, the options are endless.
  • An over-the-door storage solution will DOUBLE the size of your pantry. Adding a few spice jars will keep it tidy.
  • Don’t forget your label maker!


Dollar Tree Organization:

Locker Bins with Handles | Plastic Shoe Box | Small Spice Jar

Glass Storage Jars | Cereal Canister


Amazon Organization:

Air Tight Canisters | Glass Canisters | Glass Candy Jar 

Wall Unit | Lazy Susan | Can Organizer  | Label Maker

Shop all of my Amazon Organization finds  HERE. 



Happy Organizing!




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