#1 on the honey-do list

My husband and I just bought our first house three months ago. Turning our new house into our first home has taken my love for home decor to an entirely new level and my goodness, I’m having a blast.

I’m certainly not a professional designer, but I love capturing our little projects along the journey and I love sharing them even more. So here’s a first peek at one of my favorite projects so far. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and shop the look!

This little nook in our living room that sits off of the side of our fireplace was at the top of my list after we moved in. Ideally, I think there should be built-ins in this space but since there isn’t I was on a mission to get the custom look for less.

Check out my before & after:


The first thing that HAD TO GO was the blue accent wall. I can get on board with a color pop every now and then, but this color didn’t match anything else in the house and it made the nook feel so off-balanced with the rest of the space. Not to mention, it highlighted the drop in the ceiling too much.

The second thing I knew needed to be a priority was finding the right piece of furniture. Since there are no built-ins the piece needed to be just the right size to not get swallowed up by the cubby or to not feel too chunky. The piece I found is actually a TV stand… but who’s gonna know the difference?

Side note: a very special shout-out to my hubs for hanging those floating shelves like he was Chip Gaines. 

A few quick tips for styling your shelves that I’ve learned for myself:

  1. Find inspiration, but make it your own. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the Pinterest-box.
  2. Less is more. Don’t try to fill every inch of your shelves, you don’t want the space to fill cluttered.
  3. Use what you’ve got. When I’m focused on a small space, I typically pull knick-knacks (or as my husband calls them, doo-dads) from all over the house for a fresh feel.
  4. Books are your secret weapon. Sometimes I have the perfect touch (like the small gold trimmed bowl above) but it’s often not the right height. This is where stacking books can help you manipulate height. (*side note: pay close attention to the spine color of the books you choose – I prefer them to match my color scheme.)
  5. Make it personal. As much as I enjoy feeling like I’m sitting in a magazine cover, I also like to feel at-home when I’m sitting in my living room. Dress up your favorite motivational quotes or family photos in a frame that goes with your look to stay inspired while you enjoy your space.

Get the look:


Click the links to shop…

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