a diamond, a bumper and a little hair dye

Two weeks ago we were moving into our first house (crazy and exciting, I know!) and in the midst of packing and moving I snagged my engagement ring on Garrett’s car door and the band broke. Nothing too traumatic – a quick trip to the jeweler and it was an easy fix. But regardless, my heart sank because my ring is one of my most prized possessions. I like to say it’s because it represents our marriage, but if I’m being honest it is just a ring.


Fast-forward one week and I got into a little fender-bender heading to the gym after work. Someone rear-ended my car at a stop light and pushed me into another car. Again, nothing too traumatic – no one was hurt and I’ve got a really good insurance agent (I call her mom). But regardless, my heart sank because my car was damaged and I was about to face the hassle of claims, repairs, etc.


Here we are this past weekend and I went for my hair appointment. I showed up for a quick touch-up to my color (I’m new to coloring my hair, so this is all pretty scary for me to begin with). I walked out with completely dyed hair. Once again, nothing too traumatic – it’s just hair color and it can be fixed. But regardless, my heart sank because I didn’t get what I anticipated and I care a lot about my hair.


Now, here’s where the story gets good.


I’m driving back home after my hair crisis and the Lord totally and completely wrecked my heart. As I’m driving I was reminded of my recent events and it was like God was changing the road signs in front of me…


“Do I have your attention now?”


I saw all of my greed, discontentment and vanity right there in front of me. I was experiencing that church word they call “conviction.”


All at once my heart was wrecked and overwhelmed. I saw how small and broken and selfish I was. I was reminded how much I need Jesus. I was reminded how insignificant my ring, my car and my hair is when placed next to my Heavenly Father.


Nothing is lost on Him. He knows exactly what kind of reality check we need and when we need it.


You see, before these last couple of weeks I was on cloud 9 – things were going so fabulous. We bought a house, my marriage was rock’n and rollin’, I got accepted into seminary, my job was going great. In the midst of my blessings I forgot where they came from.


But, our God is kind and gracious to remind us and He always pulls us back in close.


All of this reminded me of the story of Job from the bible. He was tested and tested – he lost everything, yet in his heartache he reminds us of this very important fact:


Naked I came from my mother’s womb and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” – Job 1:21


And my favorite tid-bit from Job…


Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” – Job 2:10


Today my prayer is that God would take all of that ugliness from my heart. I’m certain I will still often get it wrong, but what awesome hope I have because He loves me so well anyway…




One thought on “a diamond, a bumper and a little hair dye

  1. A.Jacobs says:

    Thank you Danielle for sharing…. I too was “wrecked” by God a few months ago and realized that the nice income, vacation, and benefits are not what make me… HE is who makes me and I can’t become complacent in this world. XOXO Sister. Thank you!


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