Party’s Over. Paperwork Begins.

I knew changing my name would be a process once the wedding was over, but I wasn’t prepared for the confusion that came along with it.

I did tons of research, but couldn’t seem to find a go-to guide for changing my name. To save you the hassle, here’s my go-to guide for Georgia gals ready to change their last name…

Step One: Social Security Card

  • Georgia Gals: find your social security card application HERE
  • Locate your Social Security office/hours HERE (& yes, you have to go in person)
  • Make sure you bring your marriage certificate and your driver’s license
  • I didn’t know this beforehand, but apparently you can make an appointment at the social security office – save yourself the miserable hour wait!

Step Two: Driver’s License

  • Take your new social security card and old drivers license to the DMV
  • CLICK HERE for more info on how the license process works

Step Three: Everything else…

  • Once you’ve got your new SS card and driver’s license and you can begin updating all of your other accounts
  • A few things to remember:
    • Passport
    • Bank Accounts
    • Credit Cards
    • Lease Agreement

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