5 details I wouldn’t trade for the world

Prayer Cards


One of my priorities for our wedding ceremony was to make our guests feel like they were really a part of it. I wanted married couples to be reminded of why they said “I do” however many years ago and I wanted everyone to experience Jesus being ever-present on our big day.

So, as our guests arrived they each received a prayer card with different verses and prayers I had been praying over Garrett and I during our engagement. Instead of taking communion, each of our guests were asked to pray that specific prayer during the ceremony while our wedding party gathered around us and prayed over us. It was the most powerful moment of our entire day!


Brooch Bouquet


Instead of a traditional bouquet I created my own “brooch bouquet” to carry on my wedding day. I sort of made up the foundation as I went along and really got creative in the floral aisle of Hobby Lobby. The rest of bouquet was filled brooches from all of the special women in mine and Garrett’s lives.

I was fortunate to include brooches from both of my grandmothers, great grandmothers, my god-mother and all of Garrett’s grandmothers and great-grandmothers. It was truly something special to have so many generations of special women represented as I walked down the aisle.


Last 30 Days Journal


I mentioned in a previous blog post about how I began my days of wedding planning with a quiet time. Each morning I would pray something specific for me and Garrett, our future family, our relationships and so many other things. My journal became so special to me, but I wanted to share a piece of it with Garrett.

Thirty days before our wedding day I began a new journal for Garrett that I gave him on our wedding day. Each day before the wedding I shared my excitement, hopes and prayers for our future. I’m grateful I have all of the crazy emotions leading up to our marriage captured on those pages.


Something Blue


My season of engagement took an expected turn with the loss of my Pop and best friend just three months before my wedding day.  My grandmother was so kind to give me a piece of one my Pop’s blue shirts that was stitched in a small heart on the inside of my wedding gown.


Letters from Friends

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 9.10.52 PM

My mom is extra-special in the sense that she always thinks of the small sentimental things no matter what our family is doing. She took the time to reach out to old babysitters, bosses, family friends and my childhood friends before my wedding day. Each of them mailed her a handwritten letter. I opened each of them as I was getting dressed on my wedding day and reminisced on all the special people that help get me to that very special moment.

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