Skip the Returns

Garrett and I had a fairly large wedding (aprox. 500 guests) so I wanted to make sure we had registry options for college friends, elderly family members, small-town folks and distant relatives. This means we registered at 6 different sites! Creating one registry is no joke, so 6 felt pretty grueling.  Here are some tips & “wish I would’ve known” ideas:

Macy’s My favorite registry location!

  • Begin with a first draft of your registry online and then stop by the  bridal desk in-store afterward. The Macy’s bridal consultant had so many recommendations that I hadn’t thought of and additional options for my fine china that weren’t listed online.


  • You, your mom AND your mother-in-law each receive up to 20% the entire store for 6 months after your wedding.
  • You receive “Registry Rewards” store credit in the mail based on your registry completion. We’ve already received over $150!
  • After returns you’re options are wide-open for store credit (from makeup, workout clothes, professional attire, etc.) We had MORE than enough home decor and household gear, it was nice to get some personal things we needed.


Amazon The guest favorite!

  • This is so easy for guests that aren’t able to attend showers or the big day because they can click & ship! Plus, if they have a prime membership it’s even more of a win.


  • Here’s the CATCH – when you’re adding things to you Amazon registry, be certain it’s exactly what you need and you haven’t already registered at another location..
  • The return process is less than ideal. For each item you return you must print individual shipping labels, find a box, lug it to the UPS drop-off AND shipping costs are deducted from the price of the item.


Bed, Bath & Beyond The go-to!

  • BB&B is just easy. I found it to be the best option for all of the “staple” options that we needed and there’s something in every price point.


  • Return process is simple and merchandise credit never expires!


Wayfair – The most FUN!

  • This was refreshing to be able to register for more home decor items and items that are more “pretty” than practical. I also had a Home Decor themed bridal shower and those guests LOVED this one.



Target – For the last-minute guests!

  • This was a perfect registry option for our college friends on a budget and for our guests that are on a tight schedule. It’s so easy to run inside target and grab kitchen towels or fun accessories on the way to a shower.


  • Added bonus – who doesn’t love a Target giftcard?


Williams Sonoma & Pottery Barn – For “Mama’s” friends

  • I was overwhelmed by how generous so many of our guests were, particularly our parents friends that are more established.


  • WS & PB was a great option for closer family members who wanted to buy a nicer, higher-quality gift.


A couple more registry tips you should know:

  1. If you have multiple wedding registries, you can combine them all into one web link via to make it easy to share and print on invites!
  2. To avoid a ton of duplicate gifts, be careful registering for the same item on multiple registries. Do your best to make each registry unique, with the exception of items you desperately need.



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