One Wedding Invite You Don’t Want to Forget…

Shortly after our engagement, Garrett’s sweet “Gram” stumbled across a book in her church library in small-town Dublin, Georgia. She went home and ordered a copy to my house because she felt like “I might need it.”

Honestly, it’s exactly what I didn’t know I needed. This book became a steady source of peace during my engagement and wedding planning and helped me keep my priorities in check.

It’s called “Inviting God to your Wedding” and I pray every bride would read this along their journey.  

This book became my quiet time devotional each morning leading up to my wedding and filled my heart with planning tips, prayers, scriptures and reminders of what to prioritize.

I wanted my season of engagement to be so rich and full of love in every way and I found the easiest way to achieve this was to spend time with God each morning.

As much as I adored all of the planning – from the dress to the flowers to the DJ playlist, if God wasn’t present on the biggest day of my life none of it would really matter anyway.

So, regardless of whether you choose a mermaid dress or a ballgown, don’t forget to invite God to your big day, because I can almost guarantee when it comes to the actual moment it’s the one thing you’ll care about most (or wish you would have).



Photography Credit: DASH Photography


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