Final Moments as a Miss…

Six months. That once felt like an eternity. Like the clock was moving at such a slow pace I could fit anything into a mere second.

But the same time that once seemed to move like molasses suddenly feels like it’s moving as if it were a snowball rolling rapidly down a mountain picking up speed with each passing second.

It has been six months since Garrett asked me to be his wife and suddenly I’m sitting in our apartment for my last night alone. It’s like I blinked and we arrived.

These six months have brought joy and heartache, laughter and tears, gratitude and selfishness; the list of contrasting emotions could go on…

In these few, short days:

I quit one job and started a new one.

I left my home to move into what will soon become our home.

I shared precious moments with my Pop and then I spent the last 80 days longing for those moments one more time.

I walked through the excitement of wedding planning with my mom all while walking through a cancer scare with her too.

I sat with my hands raised high thanking God for his faithfulness and I sat teary-eyed with my head hung low asking him why.

In all my days of dreaming of becoming a bride I never imagined these things in the plan too, but I can surprisingly say that I’m thankful for it all.

Because without ALL of it, I’m afraid I would have confused checklists with memories, floral centerpieces with friends, and dresses with all of the little things that matter most.

Without ALL of it I’m afraid an entire season of my life would have passed by while being wrapped up in silly details that soon won’t matter a bit.

So whether you’re a bride to be, a college-girl to be, a mom to be or in the midst of any other fun season-to be and suddenly things begin to take a turn… I dare you to pause. And say thank you to God for whatever he’s doing in those unexpected, unplanned moments.

Take it from a really, humbled and really grateful bride-to-be, I promise He’s got it all under control. That turn of events might just lead to some really incredible things (that aren’t in your timeline).


MISS Danielle

2 thoughts on “Final Moments as a Miss…

  1. Tracey Thompson says:

    I absolutely love reading your thoughts. You write so beautifully – much like your Uncle Keith. Your words make him seem closer, somehow.


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