For the Check-List Girl:

I’m a do-er and a check-list kind of girl. I have a wake up and grind outlook on life. I feel kind of useless when I’m not getting things accomplished. Weird, I know. It often causes me to miss important things that are in front of me.

You know that moment when God drops a little truth bomb right in front of your face exactly when you need it? That’s what happened to me this morning…

I sat down at my desk for my morning quiet time like I do every morning, but my to-do list was sitting right next to my journal and my mind was more focused on the tasks of my day than the words in front of me. That’s when I read this:

“God is not all that interested in you getting things done. If He made the world in seven days, there’s nothing He can’t check off His to-do list without your help. What he wants on this journey to your dreams is intimacy with you.”

Goodness, that will put a check-list girl right in her place.

So often I get it all so wrong. I say I know what’s most important and I try to prioritize the right things, but am I living that out?

In this particular season of my life I’m planning my wedding AND enjoying a job that’s so full of life and has an endless amount of exciting projects to complete. Needless to say, my to-do list stays pretty long.

This was just the reality check I needed and suddenly I’m laser focused on asking God to help me order my day, to remind me where to put my energy, where to turn my attention and what to focus my heart on.

And for the rest of you check-list girls, this doesn’t mean we can’t knock out our to-do lists, it just means we rearrange our priorities.

Ask God to help you order your day this morning and I think you’ll experience a small step toward deeper intimacy with Him.



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