Drab to Fab on a Budget

Sometimes finding fabulous can come at a real price. But it doesn’t always have to…

I’ve been shopping around for mirrored nightstands to add to my bedroom for months. I had no problem finding pieces that I loved, but a real problem finding them in my budget. Everything I found online was at least $175 for one side table.  Check out my solution to expensive taste on a budget:

Step 1:

I found plain wooden nightstands at IKEA for $35 each. If you’ve ever shopped at IKEA you know that assembly is the worst. Thankfully my Dad stepped in for this part. (You rock Dad!) You can checkout the night stands here.


Step 2:

Carefully measure the front of the drawers (width x height), the side panels (width x height) and the top (width x height) of the nightstand.

Take your measurements to your local Lowe’s or any glass shop and they will cut your mirror pieces to match your measurements. I chose Lowe’s – mirrors are $12/ sheet and it took about 3 sheets to complete two nightstands.

Step 3:

Spray paint the outer edges of the furniture with metallic silver spray paint. The mirrors will eventually cover the majority of the piece, so you only need to focus on covering the trim and base. Click here for the spray paint I used.


Step 4: 

Apply mirror caulk (PL530) generously to each of the drawer fronts, top and bottom of the night stand. Click here to find the caulk.  And don’t forget the caulk gun if you don’t already have one.


Step 5: 

Carefully place your custom cut mirror pieces on each drawer front and side panel after applying mirror caulk. Press and hold firmly for 30 seconds – one minute. Then apply clamps for at least 1-2 hours to allow the mirrors to adhere.

apply-mirrors   dryingprogress

Step 6: 

Once the mirrors are finished drying use glass cleaner or Wyndex to clean off the excess caulk.

Step 7: 

Enjoy your fabulous taste on a budget!


Grand Total for TWO Nightstands = $124.91




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