FitFriday Tip #2 – Swolemates

finalI would be lying if I said I jumped on this fitness bandwagon on my own free-will. I most certainly did not. It was my best friend, Garrett, who pushed me out of my inconsistent interest in working out and into a journey of fully committing to leading a healthy lifestyle.

When I pause to think about the benefits I’ve experienced because he cared enough to push me and hold me accountable, it’s incredible. I’m so thankful for his leadership in a lot ways, but especially in this area of my life.

Now, I’m finding that it has created a ripple effect. I’m leading so many of my friends in the same way – sharing my meal tips, workout plans and reaching out with encouragement.

Accountability is crucial for us to achieve any of our goals in life. Our human nature so often gets in the way of what we really want. Our health is no different and I’m finding that it is nearly impossible to stick to it without some form of accountability.

So, here’s your FitFriday Tip: Find yourself some form of a “Swolemate”

  • Someone who has a similar schedule as you and will tag along to the gym
  • Someone with similar goals to exchange recipes and workouts ideas with
  • Someone honest enough and willing to tell you when your slacking
  • Someone secure enough and not too prideful to tell you when you’re succeeding

If you’re having a hard time finding someone like this, try being all of these things for someone else first and you might be surprised when they start to do the same for you.

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