This Thanksgiving season was something extra special for me this year.

Lately, I’ve been holding on for dear life as I reach the finish line of my college career and anticipate the life that’s ahead of me. Life takes us all to crazy places and each phase brings something new.

But, I’m thankful for one thing that always remains the same – roots.

This holiday, I was reminded that no matter how big my dreams are, no matter how far I travel or how far I wander home is always right where I left it.

I was reminded of all the people and the places that made me who I am.

And no matter if you grew up wealthy or poor, happy or unhappy, with a traditional family or a non-traditional family there are always those people and those places made you YOU and that is a beautiful thing.

These “roots” are the people who are always in your corner. The people who will always have your back. The people who value your best interest. They’ll celebrate your successes and they’ll be there to catch you when you fall.

It’s a warm, fuzzy, sense of relief knowing that regardless of the twists and turns life throws these roots will be there, keeping me grounded.

I’m thankful for such a wonderful season that allows us to slow down, to be thankful and to be reminded of those little things in life that are truly the most important.






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