Here’s a story of the most remarkable thing to ever happen in my life…

A few weeks ago an opportunity fell into my lap, completely unexpected.  I felt unprepared and a little scared if I’m being honest with you.

I had been working to organize a bible study with a group of my sorority sisters and when our original leader couldn’t come through, my college pastor asked me to step up. Regardless of the doubt that filled my head, I knew God was placing this opportunity in my life for a reason and I just couldn’t say no.

And boy, I am glad I didn’t!

Last week I was able to witness the most REMARKABLE thing in my life yet. One of the girls in our group pulled me aside after to talk – she had a ton of questions about faith, but an even greater desire to know Jesus.

I felt like the wind had been sucked out of me. As I talked through her questions, my mind was spinning in a million directions wondering if I was saying anything right at all. This was by far one of the toughest conversations I’ve ever had to have.

I crawled into bed that night and my heart was stirred as I prayed for her and read through my devotion. It’s funny how He’s always on time, because I came across the perfect words to share with my sweet friend.

“Ruth was not some long time, uber religious follower, she was a young woman putting forth work and taking small steps because that’s what she felt she was being called to do.”

I explained that my friend didn’t have to be some long time religious follower either – she just had to take the small steps. The text I received in return changed me forever. My sweet friend accepted Christ that night after our conversation. I read her words and tears streamed down face out of the most amazing joy I have ever experienced.

What I learned is that we don’t have to have the words to say – we just have to be willing. Willing to listen, to speak and follow even when we have no idea where we’re going.

That Tuesday night changed my life forever. I experienced first-hand the feeling of fulfillment when we truly allow God to use us.

My friend’s amazing testimony has nothing to do with me really, but solely God’s perfect plan to use us when we least expect it. He began using me weeks before when he placed the opportunity to lead into my lap – thank goodness I allowed Him. And then, He used my lips for His words and my arms for His embrace – thank goodness I placed my fears aside.

And through each of these small steps my life and my dear friend’s life was changed for the good.



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