Digging a hole

I’m a month into my Senior year and I can’t even count on my fingers and toes how many times I’ve heard the question, “So, what are you going to do when you graduate?”

I read BuzzFeed articles about the quickly approaching post-grad life and laugh about it, but only to keep from crying about it!

It’s hard to not feel overwhelmed with the abundance of opportunities that are out there – or even lack of. But, I’ve done my best to develop a method of taking on this phase of life head on. While the edge of your cliff might not be graduation, it’s likely something else and you take it head on as well!

What’s my method? Digging a hole.

You probably think I’m crazy, I know.

But, it’s a figurative hole – not a literal one.

You see, I’m focused on digging so deep inside of myself I am able to discover what I’m really made up of. I want to know what motivates me, what makes me excited to wake up in the morning and what kind of person I want to be remembered as. And, I want to know what path God is calling me to follow.

Accomplishing this doesn’t happen in 3 easy steps. It’s a process that I’m not sure I’ll ever fully complete, but wise man once told me to “start with the end in mind” – so I’m starting now & with the end in mind.

I’m starting with a LOT of time in prayer. Because, just in case you missed it before, if we actively seek God we’ll end up in the right place no matter what.

And, I’m seeking out my mentors. I want to know what they wish they would have done or known. I want to know what drives them – because maybe it drives me too! Or, maybe it doesn’t.

I’m reflecting on the experiences I’ve already gained to recall what made me dread getting up and going and what things had me so excited I could barely sleep the night before.

Though it feels like it at times, none of this is rocket science. It’s basic self-evaluation that will hopefully make me capable of becoming the absolute best and happiest version on myself.

How deep is your hole? Have you dug up your own, inner ingredients? Do you know what motivates you?

You ask what my plans are after graduation? My answer: whatever I dig up!  




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