Twenty One.

One week and one day until I reach the ultimate birthday: TWENTY ONE. It’s the day I’ve waited impatiently to meet for quite some time. It’s the day everyone claims is the most epic, the day that announces you’ve made it!

What’s so majestic about turning twenty one anyway? For some it’s all about the booze, but for plenty of others it’s a milestone that determines you are officially an adult. Something about that sense of freedom and ultimate independence exhilarates us.

A part of me wishes time would just slow down, because there are moments when this “big girl status” is not what it’s cracked up to be. But, another part of me feels prepared and excited for the next chapter.  I know there is plenty more to learn, but I have learned SO much already and I’m grateful for the good, the bad and the ugly that led me to where I am in the moment.

So here it is – 21 lessons I’ve learned by 21:

  1. Relationships – EVERYTHING is all in who you know. Networking is the ultimate secret to success.
  2. Social Media – getting 200+ likes on Instagram doesn’t make you “worthy.”
  3. Failure –the moment you realize nothing turns out like you plan, but it’s still going to be okay.
  4. Your Dream Job – is never as glamorous as you imagine.
  5. Freshman Fifteen – it is REAL. It happens, but you don’t have to let it hang around.
  6. The World – see as much of it as you possibly can. You will realize just how small you really are.
  7. Heartbreak – yours is always worse than anyone else’s, but it will always lead to something SO much better than before.
  8. Pool days – a summer filled with nothing but pool days won’t get you ahead in life. Get up and go do something.
  9. Faith – without it, nothing else matters. And if you lose it, you better find it!
  10. Reputation – people fail to remember the good, but always remember the bad. Walk carefully.
  11. Hard Work – you think people don’t notice, but it pays off when least expected.
  12. Time Management – if you can conquer it, you will become more valuable than you could imagine.
  13. Laughter –if you are surrounded by people who don’t make you laugh, get rid of them.
  14. Call Home – no matter how busy life gets, call home regularly. Mom and Dad are still the most important.
  15. Purpose – finding your purpose leads to both happiness and excellence.
  16. Money – find your own as early as you can. Daddy’s credit card expires anyway, so you might as well prepare.
  17. Opportunity – isn’t just handed to us. You must do something to catch the next big break.
  18. Comparing – it’s your life, not anyone else’s. Comparing yourself to anyone is lethal.
  19. Greatness – in anything comes from preparation and dedication.
  20. Your mother – turning into your mom isn’t a bad thing. After all, who else would you want to be like?
  21. Life – it moves way too quickly and we only get one shot. You better make it a good one.



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