What you probably don’t know.

I’m sure he dreamed of ball fields and hunting partners. Instead, he got hair bows, dance recitals and a lot of pink.

People always comment on the fact that my dad has three girls (four if you count mom). They’ll say things like “boy, he deserves a medal for that!” or “bless his heart!”

But, Daddy never seems to care. He gives up Saturday game days, to spend time with “his girls.” This doesn’t make him less of man, but more of one because his priorities are always in the right places.

Sometimes I’m not sure if he even realizes how much my sisters and I admire him. And, I doubt he realizes half of the lessons he’s taught us. So dad, here is a list of things you’ve taught me that you probably didn’t even know you did:

  1. You taught me what it looks like to sacrifice for people you love.
  2. You taught me that, “you can justify anything, but that doesn’t make it right.”
  3. You taught me to work as hard as I possibly can.
  4. You taught me never to roll my eyes or stick out my tongue.
  5. You taught me that “I’m a lady,” and that I should never leave the house with my blouse too low or my skirt too high.
  6. You showed me the way a man is supposed to stand beside his wife.
  7. You taught me how to go on a proper date – from our annual daddy daughter dances.
  8. You taught me to always look behind & be aware of my “surroundings.” (you’re favorite)
  9. You taught me how to honor my parents, by the way you honor all four of my grandparents.
  10. You taught me exactly what to look for in a daddy for my own children one day.

My dad is a man of few words, but a man with a HUGE heart. Our talks are often short, but filled with so much love. No list could ever really be long enough to capture the love, the lessons and the impact he has made on the person I am becoming.

Happy Birthday, Daddy! You are as good as it gets.

I love you!


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