If you’re wondering, you’re right

Have you ever had a big decision to make? Not a decision like where should I go to dinner, but one that could change the course of your future? It seems like the more and more I ease myself into adulthood I’m faced with an increasing number of these “life altering” decisions.

Garrett (my bf) and I were talking over dinner about a big decision I had coming my way. I was rattling off my pros and cons, spastically sharing the details of my options and I explained that I had been praying and praying and I still couldn’t determine which way I supposed to go.

Garrett calmly replied (the way he always does when I’m freaking out), “if you’re wondering what God wants you to do, you won’t go wrong.”

It was then that it occurred to me; as long as I’m looking for Him, whatever he intends for me will just happen. No matter which way I go.

If I choose plan A, I know he will have something along the way that will teach me, touch me or maybe even change my life – because I’m seeking Him. But, if I choose plan B, he’ll probably have something else in store that will do the same thing – because I’m seeking Him.

As long as we actively seek God’s will, we cannot go astray.

But, this story is two-fold. Garrett’s advice made me realize something else, too.

I saw the importance of having a Godly partner. I left dinner that night with my heart so gracious that I have a best friend who brings me closer to Christ. That’s not so easy to find these days.

I’m thankful for his guidance, which always comes from beside me, never in front or behind me. And, I’m thankful for a Godly foundation for our relationship.

While our futures may be a mystery to us, the bottom line is – as long as we seek God in our decisions and in our relationships only good things are in store.



2 thoughts on “If you’re wondering, you’re right

  1. Carol Lumpkin says:

    well said. Keep seeking His will and he will direct your paths. This years VBS scripture is a good one…Isaiah 30:21


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