Mama, I wonder…

My Mama is my best friend, my rock, my #1 fan and the only person I have ever truly aspired to become.

During this Mother’s Day season I’ve found myself thinking a lot about this incredible lady I call my mom and it’s left me wondering a lot of things.

Mama, I wonder how you became Superwoman?

I wonder… how do you always have the right words to say? Whether I’m broken, soaring or just plain confused a two minute phone call always leaves me somehow feeling like I got it all figured out.

I wonder… how did you learn to juggle so well? I mean figuratively and not literally. You’re a wife. You’re a taxi-driver. You’re a cleaning lady. A workout partner. A playmate. A therapist. A friend. A boss. A daughter. And you never seem to drop a single ball.

I wonder… where did you get your batteries? My whole life you’ve always been the first one up and the last one to go to bed. Now that I’m older and life has gotten tougher I’ve decided I want a set of batteries like yours. I’ll never know how you do it?

I wonder… how do you KNOW? When I’ve had bad dreams, you’ve always known it would be okay. When my heart has been broken, you’ve always known it would get better. And, when I’m totally lost and don’t know which way to go, you’ve always known I would find my way.

I wonder… how did your heart grow so big? You love the stranger who walks into your office and doesn’t know how they will pay next month’s car insurance. You love the cashier at Wal-Mart. You love the people who didn’t love you when you had nothing. You love me even when I’m dumb and make the wrong choices. I don’t believe there is anything in this world your heart can’t love.

I wonder… how did you become such good friends with Jesus? Most people talk about their faith like it’s some big spiritual thing, but you’ve always talked about God like he was sitting in the passenger seat. I hope one day my faith can become as strong as yours.

Mama, I wonder… how can I become just like you? 


You are my everything. And I want to say thank you!

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who FEARS the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30



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