A Checking Account for Life…

IMG_1222Luke 12:48 “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required.

Lately I’ve been thinking of all the many blessings that have come my way and my heart has been overwhelmed. I sometimes wonder why me? Why do I receive all of this GOOD while others are suffering?
The last time I felt this abundance of gratitude was after my mission trip to Honduras in 2011. The 10 days spent with the people of Roatan changed my life forever; I returned a different person than I left.
Once I arrived back in the states, my Sunday School teacher Mrs. Nancy (one of the greatest role models ever to come my way) told me words I would never forget. As I explained what my heart was feeling, she shared the scripture Luke 12:48 with me.
It was at this moment I felt a responsibility to return all of the goodness that had been given to me, rather than feeling undeserving. I felt a sudden sense of urgency to share my testimony and to shed goodness on the people around me.

I think we have all been given much more than we deserve. After all, Jesus died on the Cross to cleanse our hearts of sin. While that’s a really big blessing, we have to slow down to notice the smaller ones.

Have you ever had a really awesome friend? One that took the time to make a difference in your life, big or small? My guess is that you have. And, if I’m right you should take the time to show your gratitude and be a friend to others. Pay it forward.
I’ve been dealt some pretty awesome cards when it comes to my professional career. And I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had. Today, I had the chance to open a (professional) door for someone I barely know. Even though this was merely an acquaintance, my hope is maybe one day this small favor will be a life changing opportunity for him, too! What I realized today is that it feels really good to pay it forward.
I believe all of our lives truly are FABULOUS. We just have to stop to smell the roses now and then. If we do, I think we will see how much we have been given & understand how much is expected of us in return.
I’m no genius, but I think this philosophy of “paying it forward” will make one awesome checking account for life.

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